We are More Than Smiles.

An organic movement to transform lives and oral health through education and charity

More Than Smiles Movement

More than Smiles is a movement to improve and sustain oral health worldwide and charity working to expand access to orthodontic care in the Lehigh Valley.

We founded the FreySmiles Oral Health Network to empower people with the tools and know how to be personally responsible for their oral health, make their dentists happier, and have the confidence to invest in the care they deserve.

We are hard at work developing free eBooks, online articles, and other amazing resources on a mission to reinvent the way people approach their oral health to make it simpler and more sustainable. Help us grow this grass roots movement by sharing the knowledge and joining in the discussion, and you can make an impact in national and global oral health.

Through the More than Smiles charity, we are now able to further expand our efforts to improve oral health by partnering with local dentists and professionals to provide orthodontic scholarships to deserving individuals who may not have the opportunity without financial assistance.
We at FreySmiles Orthodontics have set a goal to provide a minimum of 6 orthodontic scholarships each year. If you are or know someone of need please download our application form and mail it in. With each donated case, you will be able to share in all the smiles on our Oral Health Blog where we will post photos and videos of the lives you have helped to transform.

Also the Facebook Fans of FreySmiles Orthodontics will get to vote each year to decide where the money collected from our “Check-Ins for Charity” Campaign will go.

How we started

How it all works

How to apply

Our Mission

More than Smiles seeks to reinvent the way people approach their oral health to make it simpler and more sustainable, and will expand access to orthodontic care in the Lehigh Valley.

How it all works

Our team is dedicated to transparency in the work that we do. To that end, this is our process:

  • Candidates for orthodontic scholarships will be chosen from our applicant pool by our selection panel.
  • All funds from our “Check-Ins for Charity” Campaign will go toward other charities supporting oral health as voted on by Facebook Fans of FreySmiles Orthodontics.

How to apply

    • Review requirements Please review our eligibility criteria. We are looking for deserving members in the community that we believe we can help with the gift of a beautiful smile.
    • Fill out an application  Take some time to fill out an application and mail it in with all the required materials so we can get to know you.

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