Applicant Criteria

  • Significant aesthetic need for braces
  • Between 10 and 16 years old
  • Currently enrolled student
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude
  • Agrees to follow the orthodontic treatment plan and demonstrates the ability and commitment to make appointments on time
  • Shows involvement and leadership in extracurricular activities

There are no formal financial requirements to be considered as an applicant, we are looking for deserving members in the community that we believe we can help with the gift of a beautiful smile.  If you are being considered, we may ask you to submit a copy of last year’s tax return, W-2, or copy of recent payroll stubs for all wage earners.

Please download and complete the
More than Smiles Application Form & Questionnaire

Download Application

Our Selection Panel must receive the following information for the applicant to be considered:

1) Completed MTS application and applicant questionnaire with complete answers to all questions

2) Two 5 X 7 photos of applicant. One photo should be a head-shot showing a full smile and the teeth; and one photo should show only the applicant’s teeth while biting together.

3) Two letters of reference (typed and limit each to one page) from school, church or community leader that knows the applicant.

4) Include a copy of the applicant’s last report card or school transcript.

Please mail the completed form and all supporting documents to:

More than Smiles
1251 South Cedar Crest Blvd. Suite 210
Allentown, PA 18103

For Questions call: 484-809-9447