Scott Rice

Dr. Scott Rice

Dr. Rice is board certified in Pediatric medicine, and is a practicing pediatrician with the Lehigh Valley Physician’s Group. He joined the More than Smiles Movement so that he can help make a difference in all aspects of children’s health.

The Lehigh Valley Health Network sat down with Dr. Rice and asked him a few questions about why he chose pediatric medicine and about himself:

Why did you decide to become a doctor?

My choice to go to medical school seems to have begun long before college and was the result of a very idealistic view of life and a desire to use the gifts God had given me in the most effective way. My career as a pediatrician was really chosen for me. After third-year medical school clinical rotations in family medicine, internal medicine and then pediatrics, my wife said to me, “You need to be a pediatrician.” She reminded me of one very special 8-year-old patient who was dying of cancer yet who was the patient whom I talked about the most and whom I looked forward to seeing the most each day. After a few minutes of thought, I never looked back. And I’ve never regretted the decision.

What is the most enjoyable part of your day?

There are many joys in my day — seeing a sick child improve because of interventions we make in the office, teaching new parents and watching the proverbial “light bulb” go on when they understand, being able to reassure the parent of a sick child that he or she will improve. And, of course, I enjoy the laughter from parents as well as children.

What defines you as a person?

Ideally my faith in God would define me as a person. A few years ago, I wrote up a personal mission statement that encapsulated my broad goals. That statement said that I want to be in a growing and dynamic relationship with God that allows me to be more effective in my roles as a husband, father and physician. My thoughts have not changed in the intervening years. I have a passion for doing things excellently, completely and with compassion…I feel that this is a direct outgrowth of my faith.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, reading, landscaping/yard work, running and working in my local church.